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Jundac Two, high-end NOS DAC   The Jundac Two is the result of many years of innovations and listening tests. During this period, we don't hesitate to compare our realizations to mythic references. Our choice goes to a 24 bit non-oversampled converter. The data coming from source are directly send to conversion stages, this avoid any form of coloratura introduce by any digital filtering stage. This result is an incredible realistic sound rendering, all form of "digital sound" disappear.

Power supplies in a DAC are critical to the overall design. On the Jundac Two, 80% of stage are dedicated to power supplies. Not less than 13 regulators, one is dedicated to clock stage, are associated to three oversized toroidal transformers.
Each part was selected for its sound qualities. So, you can find feedback free (open-loop) line stages using local regulator in a semi-parallel configuration, polypropylene or film polypropylene capacitors even in the power supply.

To push the refinement to the extreme, the Jundac Two can be coupled to an external clock (Juniclock).

Mechanical chassis
The aluminum chassis box uses hard and soft material to avoid sound degradations due to mechanical vibrations. It sits on a massive oak support (No feet, no spike). With its granite, it weights no less than 24Kg! This allows a high definition level and comfortable bass.

If you'll have to change country, or during your long moves, the Jundac Two allows adaptation, it is provided with 110V/220V transformer. To improve listening, its Green Earth output allows a link to a virtual Earth, or to the main Earth via a big cable.

Jundac Two, multi tension DAC
Our philosophy
Junilabs designs material for the ages: listening quality, reliability are our design directions. Circuits are made to work more than twenty years, thus equipments have 5 years warranty.
Our direct dealing method: manufacturer to end user allows selling Jundac Two at very attractive price.

We hope that you find a fully satisfaction on using our electronics and share with us the same passion.

Jundac Two, NOS DAC haut de gamme Jundac Two, face arrièrel Jundac Two, intérieur Jundac Two, amortissement des condensateurs Jundac Two, amortissement du circuit


User manual [PDF 12 pages, 780Ko]

Technical characteristics

input 1 : BNC 75 Ohm, S/PDIF 16 to 24bit, 32k to 192kHz
inputs 2, 3 et 4 : RCA, S/PDIF 16 to 24bit, 32k to 192kHz
clock input : BNC 75 Ohm, 128xfs TTL 5V

Analog output : RCA, 2V RMS

On/Off on rear panel
Front panel switch : sleep, phase reverse, internal or external clock.

Size : 44cm x 8cm x 30cm
Weight : 12kg

Price : Discontinued product

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