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Digital clock
Juniclock Five - January 2012

Juniclock Five The analog sound for your digital system...

  The Juniclock five is a digital clock dedicated to master DAC and other audio equipment from 44.1KHz to 192KHz. It integrates S/PDIF and clock output to synchronize digital source like slaved sound card or USB to S/PDIF interfaces. In an optimal configuration there is only one central clock source producing a reference clock to which all audio data processing is synchronized. It solves all problems of jitter or synchronization between equipments.

The Juniclock five is the ideal companion for the following DAC:
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kit assembly Juniclock Five - mounted

   - click on the picture to show kit's details
   - Assembled and tested
   - Sold without transformers

360 €
+ 18€ for shipping cost.
Transformers Recommended transformer

   - 1x9V 10VA

Technical documentation
Juniclock Five low jitter clock
pdf Assembly instruction
[PDF : 405KB / 12pages]

picture Big PCB picture
[JPG : 1024 x 1024 / 194KB]

Short technical description
Juniclock Five
    The Juniclock five uses two crystals to generate normalized audio frequencies. Clock output is available for 5V and 3V3 and accepts 75 ohm load. The S/PDIF output is used by sound card for synchronization, it contains all zero data.

Juniclock: The analog sound for your digital system
We particularly take care with sound rendering. We choose topology and parts with great attention. Crystals are drove in sinewave mode, mechanically coupled to PCB and enclosed in a copper tube. The power supply uses MKP and electrolytic audio grades capacitors. This results in a warm and analog sound rendering.


Juniclock Five, sinewave clock signal
Sinewave clock signal (24.576MHz)

Juniclock Five, without copper shield
Without copper shield
Juniclock Five, with output connectors
With output connectors
Jundac Five, copper shield details
Copper shield details

Working with clock
    The Juniclock Five can be used in synchronous or asynchronous clocking mode. The clock is compatible with various DAC and is an ideal companion for Jundac Three, Jundac Five and Jundac XI.

Juniclock Five with CD
Working in asynchronous mode

Juniclock Five with slaved sound card
Working in synchronous mode with slaved sound card

A slaved sound card accepts mastering S/PDIF output with incoming data signal.
Many slaved sound card can be used:
  • M-Audio Profire 610
  • M-Audio Audiophile 192
  • ...
Contact your local reseller to verify sound card's characteristics. Some products are limited to 96KHz.

Juniclock Five with Hiface EVO
Working in synchronous mode with HiFace EVO