The preamplifier for music lovers...

Jundac Two, high-end NOS DAC   Considered wrongly as the last audio equipment. The preamplifier is often the poor parent of many audio manufacturers. The Juniline Five is at the opposite of this consideration.
Particularly fine, it is the culmination of an idealist dream: to propose a high quality level preamplifier at an attractive price.

The preamplifier for music lovers
To reach this ambitious target, we integrate many innovations that you can only find in our realizations. For example: an evolution of a 'shared current power supply', an active shield toward positive ionization, regulators working in a semi-parallel configuration, the Green Earth output, quantum balancers...
Line stages works in class A, open loop (feedback free) configuration. The large powerful power supplies use a 500VA transformer and many polypropylene or polypropylene film capacitors (higher quality).

Simple and efficient
We think simplicity of usage and robustness. Commands were simplified: input selector and control level. We can't do simpler; the essential is inside...

Mechanical chassis
The aluminum chassis box uses hard and soft material to avoid sound degradations due to mechanical vibrations. It sits on a massive Limba support (Limba, Afara (UK), Korina (US), African wood. No feet, no spike). With its granite, it weights no less than 14Kg! This allows a high definition level and comfortable bass.

If you'll have to change country, or during your long moves, the Juniline allows adaptation, it is provided with 110V/220V transformer.
To improve listening, its Green Earth output allows a link to a virtual Earth, or to the main Earth via a big cable.

Juniline Five, multi tension DAC
Our philosophy
Junilabs designs material for the ages: listening quality, reliability are our design directions. Circuits are made to work more than twenty years, thus equipments have 5 years warranty.
Our direct dealing method: manufacturer to end user allows selling Juniline Five at very attractive price.

We hope that you find a fully satisfaction on using our electronics and share with us the same passion.

Juniline Five, high-end preamplifier Juniline Five, rear panel Juniline Five, inside Juniline Five Juniline Five


User manual [PDF 6 pages, 650Kb]

Technical characteristics

4 RCA stereo inputs
Input impedance: 25Kohm
2 RCA stereo outputs
Gain stage: 6db (allow full scale usage)

On/Off on rear panel
Input selector (Tuner, CD, DVD, Aux), Output level control.

Dimensions: 44cm x 8cm x 22cm
Weight: 8kg

Price: Discontinued product

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