Juniwave 2

The Juniwave 2 is a home harmonizer whose operation is based on Schumann resonances (7.83Hz).

What is Schumann's resonance?

Schumann's resonance is a very low frequency electromagnetic wave (7.83Hz) turning around the Earth. The frequency of this wave is proportional to Earth's diameter and thickness of the ionosphere. In years 1950, Winfried Otto Schumann had evaluated the existence of this wave that has been measured ten years later.

Schumann's wave pulse all terrestrial body (mineral, vegetal, animal) since their existence. New technology like satellites, cellular phones, television, electricity, computers, wifi... swamp this wave in ambient noise. All these artificial activity have negative influence on human body.

Le Juniwave 2 can be used in the wellness area and will be a very effective partner for audiophiles and music lovers with a quality hi-fi or home theater system.

Juniwave 2, résonateur de Schumann 7.83Hz

Juniwave 2

The effects felt when the generator is running are numerous, here is an extract:

On the body

Sonic effetcs


Juniwave's results are proportional to the quality of its environment. Take these recommendations into account to obtain best results. Juniwave 2 was designed with strict recommendations for well-being and musical improvement. It is crafted like high quality audio equipment. Quality of results is proportional to the quality of generated wave. Treat it with great care.

When using Juniwave?

When you want as long as you want. It is designed to work 24/24.

Where using Juniwave?

At home, at office, in a concert room, in recording studio, in your home cinema...

Is there any unwanted effects?

The first days, you can feel drowsiness effects which disappear once you caught sleep.


L'utilisation de cet équipement est déconseillé aux personnes présentant des problèmes cardio-vasculaires ou respiratoires.

Is there any unwanted effects?

Juniwave 2 enhances a naturally existing wave. Effects were relative to local perturbations: big town, place near a power line, near a railroad, near a mobile phone base station, in airtight metal shed to the passage of any natural wave...
Its effect is generally more important during the day, because electromagnetic smog is more important during the day and less during night.

Implementation of Juniwave

Juniwave 2 requires only a power outlet to operate. Even if its power emission is very low, it will radiate in entiere house. In order to feel the effects, you should not put it too close to you or the audio equipment. Avoid rooms like bedrooms, prefer hallways or living rooms like the living room. It is not recommended to place product on bedroom, prefer living room, listening room and corridor. The distance between generator and audio equipment might be 2M or more. The unit acts as well on sensory perceptions as hardware rendering.

With hi-fi, only 20 seconds are necessary to feel effects. For well-being and health, effects are felt at long term. In terms of well-being and health, the effects of the generator are felt over the long term. Juniwave 2 doesn't add new phenomena to your local environment, it merely enhances a wave that naturally exists; this natural wave tends to be masked by modern electronic equipment. Thus, effect may vary according to the hours, seasons and places...

The body tends to quickly integrate the benefits. Maybe it will be difficult to quantify the effects of the generator even after two weeks of continuous operation. Don't hesitate to stop generator a half or a whole day. It will be easier to feel forgotten body's sensations.

Money back guarantee

For European Union countries, this product is sold with a 30 days money back guarantee. If within one month after purchase you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it.

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Technical characteristics

Waveform generated: multiple biological frequencies incorporating silent pauses
Power emission: less to 100nW
Power consummation: 1W
On/Off and power indicator on the front panel.

Dimensions : 20cm x 18cm x 3,9cm
Weight: 810g

Warranty: 2 years
Price : 246€
Equipment directly sold from manufacturer to consumer, for more information : contact@junilabs.com
Wanting to offer the best technology, product and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Money back guarantee

For European countries, the product is covered by money back guarantee. Send them back undamaged within 30 days and we will refund your money.

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